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Electronic cigarettes generally lithium battery, atomizer and cartridge consists of three parts. Where smoke bombs in China sold about a 0.5 to 1 yuan, equivalent to about 10-15 weight cigarette smoke gall 1,2 - propanediol as the main reconcile agent, adding nicotine and other flavor ingredients.aqua atomizer The use of ultrasonic nebulizer, cigarette smoke was labeled bile in fog, mist effect principle with Chinese dish used in a similar scene circles. Most electronic devices are in possession of the smoke flow sensors, flow sensors to have when inhaled, the electronic cigarette can start automatically generate smoke. Cigarette atomizer with bile, as were lifetime limit
Electronic cigarette manufacturers will quit smoking electronic cigarette packaged product, when used, nicotine is atomized and direct absorption, not lighted, so no other harmful components electronic cigarette tar in cigarettes, suspended particles and other manufacturers also believe that electronic cigarettes no second-hand smoke filled or filled; However, the use of electronic cigarette nicotine inhaler may be higher [13]. There is no recognized clinical report will explain the long-term effects of electronic cigarette.

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caravela mod

Generally smoke bombs is part of the nozzle , while some factories in response to customer demand for the atomizer and smoke bombs or smoke oil bonded together , will make disposable atomizer . The benefit is that you can greatly improve the taste and the amount of smoke the electronic cigarette , while quality is more stable , because it knows that the electronic cigarette atomizer is most likely bad , the traditional electronic cigarette is a separate fog homogenizer , a few days on the bad . This is the root cause of the electronic cigarette before being questioned why the people . And if you have been using a separate atomizer , a long time , taste is also very poor, very small amount of smoke . This direct effect of smoking cessation. Liquid injection by factory professionals , to avoid their excessive fluid injection or too little liquid smoke leads to flow back into the mouth or battery part of the problem of corrosion of the circuit, but also save more than the average amount of oil smoke smoke bombs , good sealing performance , so he 's using the time to be longer than other smoke bombs . In so doing he cost but higher.
This technology is currently only a handful of brand owners . Nebulizer construction of a heating components , battery powered heat, smoke it next to the volatile oil , the formation of smog , which suck when people reach the "puff " effect.

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nemesis mod

Abstract The utility model relates to the technical field of electronic cigarette, in particular
An electronic smoke device, the electronic smoke is used
Unloading type structure is made, in the mouth to suck outside the atomizer is an anti
The dust cap, is provided with a hanging clip in the dust cap on the. The utility model
Electronic smoke device through the suction nozzle atomizer is provided with a case cover
The dust cap, completely solve the problem using health electronic cigarette, do not use
When the dust cap screw can be isolated from all of the above pollution;
In addition, a hanging clamp with electronic smoke dust cap, can
Convenient clip on clothes to carry; at the same time, the utility model
Electronic smoke device adopts a detachable design, the atomizer
A component can be easily disassembled, only need to twist the screw
Everyone can easily disassembled. If the atomizer
Components for damage can be removed and replaced, without the fog
Device for all, greatly reducing the use cost.
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